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Brynn Ashlee Kai Booth CEO



Our CEO Brynn Booth incorporated Shaman Shack Herbs in 2011 at the age of 23. Brynn has been trained as a Taoist Tonic Herbalist in the Gate of Life Lineage, a 5,000 year old herbal system from China. She also further continued her education of plant based medicine in the East Indian philosophy of Health, Ayurveda. 

Brynn has been able to provide a multitude of clients with effective resources and tools regarding angioedema urticaria, thyroid imbalances, autoimmune disorders, and digestive issues through achieving balance naturally in her own life. She has been involved in health and sustainability practices for over 15 years, and has always prioritized fair trade, organic, local, and cruelty free ethics when sourcing high quality ingredients for Shaman Shack Herbs and her restaurant.


Actively perusing positive transformations in our communities, education, and our economy


At the age of 27, Brynn opened a successful organic plant based restaurant in the Pacific Northwest in 2014. Brynn's primary interest in opening a restaurant was the educational prospect. She wanted to guide communities towards sustainable business policies and practices. Standardizing conscious enterprises, and creating a blueprint for fellow entrepreneurs. Especially for the youth. 

Brynn was adamant about generating jobs for young people in the surrounding areas with plenty of schools near by. Where youths seeking part time work could experience first hand, constructing a nutritious dish from the menu in a professional restaurant environment, and hopefully take that skill/training home with them into their personal lives or a career path. The intention was to integrate nutrition into their daily habits with exposure by offering free employee meals, and transform their personal connection to food, as a proactive approach to their long term health and longevity. 

The restaurant has a strong emphasis on using organic fruits and veggies only, and heirloom whenever possible. Heirlooms tend to have brighter, bolder notes, so it requires less salt, and less effort at trying to manufacture a flavor. Purchasing organic also helps ensure the agriculture process is sustainable for the planet, and not depleting. The same goes for the restaurants no waste policy, where all scraps are composted, to-go ware is 100% compostable, and all sanitary products are eco-friendly. Ensuring that the establishment is not contributing to landfills, air pollution, or water pollution, and keeping their workers safe. 

By opening a restaurant, Brynn has also expanded the use of tonic herbs in a culinary spotlight. Customers and employees a like, will be able to become familiar with adaptogenic herbs to support their immune system, digestion, mental clarity, relaxation, longevity, and ability to conquer stress. Brynn has taken concepts from a thriving modern health scene, and ancient civilizations health care practices, and implemented them into a convenient menu. 

Brynn wants to make sure that she is doing her part to help more women into leadership roles, and business owners. She also makes sure to include perks for her employees like free gym memberships that are equipped with yoga classes and saunas, provides gift certificates to employees for fresh pressed juices weekly, and monthly gift cards to the local coop for employees a paid lunch, or however they wish to use it.



Outside of work Brynn enjoys a healthy active lifestyle rowing, strength training, swimming, tennis, bicycling, and yoga. She also enjoys hiking, cooking, gardening, art exhibits, and photography.






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