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This edible mushroom grows naturally in eastern North America, East Asia, and Central America; it has also been reported in southern France. The flavor of Indigo Milk Caps is supposed to vary more than other mushrooms, depending on the trees they’re associating with, the soil and other aspects of their growing environment. Most commonly the mushroom is noted for its mild, sweet and nutty flavor with a hint of cracked pepper on the finish.

Lactarius Indigo is a species of agaric fungus in the family Russulaceae. It The milk, or latex, that oozes when the mushroom tissue is cut or broken — a feature common to all members of the genus Lactarius — is also indigo blue, but slowly turns green upon exposure to air.

Like all fungus, Lactarius Indigo builds relationships with certain trees. In Mexico, associations have been noted with Mexican alder, American Hornbeam, American Hophornbeam, and Liquidambar macrophylla, while in Guatemala the mushroom associates with smooth-bark Mexican pine and other pine and oak species. In Costa Rica, the species forms associations with several native oaks of the genus Quercus.

You can find a lot of wild foraging blogs featuring Indigo Milk Cap online. People have made vinaigrette's out of them, battered and fried/baked, grilled, & sauteed.

Lung Support

ASTRAGALUS is perhaps the number one Lung Tonic commonly used Chinese herbs for strengthening and tonifying Wei Qi and immune system. Astragalus works by building up the Wei Qi (immune defenses) and is great for any difficulty breathing (such as asthma).CORDYCEPS are a powerful yang lung tonic, it helps to promote oxygenation, ATP production, and [...]

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At the end of the day sometimes you just need a matcha green tea w/ vanilla hemp seed milk on ice. It was cool, grounding, cozy, refreshing, delicious, and relaxing. It paired very well with dinner, a garlic parsley, lemon tahini bowl, with yams quinoa, fermented yin yang ginger carrots, mung dal with spices, and [...]

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Summer Health

It is summer and we all want to have our fun in the sun while having a job, having family, trying to have hobbies, and sometimes wish we had more energy to do it all. I personally have been doing a lot of biking, rowing, yoga, remodeling the house, an average of 20 hours per [...]

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Apple Pie energy bites!

Apple Pie Energy Bites We found this delicious recipe by Natalie's Happy Health. There are so many fun ways to include your adaptogens every day. This reminds me of the days I would sit at the tonic bar in L.A and sip a coffee free reishi chaga cappuccino while munching on banana date walnut energy [...]

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Yummy Smoothie featuring Shaman Shack Herb's Women's Complete formula

Cherry strawberry yogurt smoothie recipe with Women's Complete!INGREDIENTS: 1/2 c of raw fresh red cherries pitted (as local as you can) 1/2 c of a hass avocado 1/2 c vanilla almond milk, vanilla hemp milk, or vanilla cashew milk1 c frozen strawberries1 c container of coconut strawberry or "cherry" yogurt if available. 1/2 teaspoon Shaman [...]

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Summer Recipes 2018**Basil Peach Chaga Iced Tea***

BASIL PEACH CHAGA ICE TEAAbsolutely one of our favorites this summer!INGREDIENTS & TOOLS9 cups of Shaman Shack Herbs Chaga Tea baseHoney 1 Lemon2 Cups chopped fresh peaches1 Cup of fresh basilFine mesh strainerDIRECTIONSStir or blend 2 tsp of Shaman Shack Herbs Chaga powder in 9 cups of water. Melt ½ cup of honey with ½ [...]

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Summer Time Schizandra Spritzer!

Schizandra spritzer’s are in order!As Summer approaches and the temperatures rise, we want to nourish Yin so that our body stays hydrated and our skin is flexible and vibrant. Yin is the moisturizing essence, and is associated with the female energies ~ that is not to insinuate men don’t need Yin energies, in fact, men [...]

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A great daily affirmation

Hi All. I have decided it is time for me to share my daily AFFIRMATION, as it has been so powerful in my life. I believe if we all do this affirmation daily, we may massively increase the acceleration away from the lower frequencies that have plagued Humanity and held us back from our true [...]

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Reishi Essay from Rehmmania

Worlds Beyond ~ Reishi Mushroom and the Evolution of Conscious Life Rehmannia Dean Thomas Reishi is a tree fungus that is highly revered throughout the history of Asian herbalism. The Japanese name, reishi, is most commonly used. In China it is called lingzhi, and the Vietnamese name is linh chi; all of which mean [...]

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