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I wish I had known about the Women's Completer sooner.  -anonymous

The vivid imagination of Rehmannia Dean Thomas is blended with his passion for creating a better world in his futuristic depiction of life on earth in his book, "The Hsien". Fabricated as fiction, his imagery paints the wild truth of our society and several issues creating dissonance in our world. Full of history and facts embedded throughout the story, I often found myself on the edge of my thoughts wondering what was next and how else my mind could be expanded through the message. I'm very pleased with the read, as I always enjoy a creative story and I'm especially grateful for the affirmations of a new world perspective. If you believe that you were sent here to help heal this world, "The Hsien" is a wonderful collection of words that will not only reinforce your desire to be a catalyst for change but it will give you the thrill you're seeking in a short read!     -Joshua 

Have you read any books by Rehmannia?

"I've noticed my skin is clearer and more glowy since using this product (3 Jewels). I recommend for those looking for more support for their skin."-  Samantha from California 

oooo- I'm trying this next!! 

"I just wanted to let you know that I am sooooooo loving the product ‘Three Immortals’ I got from you that night! It’s been my morning routine and I have so much energy from it! I’m excited to try more of your products too! I’m so happy to have met you and am so happy you’ve created such awesome products!!
Cheers!" - 

We love what we do!!

Thank You So Much For Such Incredible Herbs!!- Tanya from Minnesota

Thank you, Tanya. Thank you ALL!

"What I came away with was possibly the most harmonizing spiritual experience I've been a part of - pretty crazy that it was online!!! Hah."- Jeese from San Francisco     

-did you know we offer a way for you to share in Dean's herbal experience?

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