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shaman shack herbs - recover from burn out

Summer Health

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It is summer and we all want to have our fun in the sun while having a job, having family, trying to have hobbies, and sometimes wish we had more energy to do it all. I personally have been doing a lot of biking, rowing, yoga, remodeling the house, an average of 20 hours per week, not including random hiking trips, swimming, and paddle boarding, while I have relationships that I want to be present for mentally, emotionally, and nurture as well. I have my business to run, and I have artistic culinary hobbies I like perusing, researching, learning. Overall I need a lot of good sound energy and balance to fully and joyfully participate in all of these passions. Training my mind to react positively to things, an anti-inflammatory colorful diet, and exercise, are all factors in my personal success. Adding Shaman Shack Herbs to my lifestyle has enhanced my ability to do all of these things and not have to pick and choose which ones I have more energy for. My baseline is totally supported by keeping my adrenals happy with herbs such as cordyceps or maca in our Morning Jing and Super Morning Jing. Since then, life is just a constant flow of bliss. Doing all of these activities sometimes means there is a potential for a burn out. Exercise does increase my capacity to go further in life, however sometimes it is not enough when emotions can be seem more powerful at times. That is also why Women's Complete and Reishi have helped me so much, especially spirit potion in the beginning of this journey. When I practice breathing or take my stress relieving herbs, my heart is soft and my nerves have been given what they need I can stay in at peace. The way I go about my day attracts more positive experiences just by my state of mind, how I perceive things, and how I react. Life becomes easier than ever before. Women's Complete and Reishi help soothe my emotions and help bring out my best side and stabilize it. I am also a firm believer in rest, taking time to decompress, and just be. Sometimes after a very busy fun day it can be hard to wind down, reflecting on the day, excited for the next, more ideas flooding in, and that creates a sense of not being present even though it may feel proactive or exhilarating. That is also where Reishi comes in. It lends me more grace. Like all of the herbs we collect and share with everyone, Reishi is an adaptogen and by taking adaptogens we ourselves become more inclined to adapt to situations better. For instance, if I want to wake up and start my day, Reishi can offer that strong determination, focus, and excitement for life, while at night it helps me balance myself back into calming down to get ready for sleep. I highly recommend adaptogenic medicine if you want the most out of life, and have the energy to do it.

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