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Lung Support

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ASTRAGALUS is perhaps the number one Lung Tonic commonly used Chinese herbs for strengthening and tonifying Wei Qi and immune system. Astragalus works by building up the Wei Qi (immune defenses) and is great for any difficulty breathing (such as asthma).

CORDYCEPS are a powerful yang lung tonic, it helps to promote oxygenation, ATP production, and overall immune strength. It is even used in the Olympics to promote respiratory power for extra energy. It is a great herb for those with a weak lung, chronic cough, wheezing, or shortness of breath.
SCHIZANDRA is used in TCM for the lungs, instead of tonifying or strengthening, Schizandra provides its astringent properties. It helps the lungs to retain whatever existing strength they currently have. Schizandra encourages glutathione production.
ASPARAGUS ROOT acts to clear the lung and descend fire; nourish the yin and moisten dryness; to clear heat; moisten lungs and nourish kidneys
Reishi is used for boosting the immune system, and aids in lung conditions including asthma and bronchitis. This is an for long-term use, but short-term Reishi can do a lot to help reduce chances and signs of asthma. Reishi has adaptogenic qualities, therefore it will help reduce the heightened stress response in the body. Also a glutathione activator.
LICORICE ROOT is a demulcent (contains goo) and is wonderful in protecting the mucous membranes from excessive particulate matter.
OPHIOGOGON nourishes the lungs, used for congestive lung disease, shortness of breath, moistens lungs & nourishes lung yin to treat a dry cough & dry throat.
MULLEIN is a beautiful lung tonic, and used for dry or wet cough, and can be found locally
TREMELLA Nourishes lung chi.
Also increase your water, ginger, vit c, activated charcoal, and glutathione stimulating food & herb intake. Find a local oxygen bar/ozone clinic. Detox your pores w/ hot cold hydrotherapy, & diffuse eucalyptus/mint/cedar essential oils in a humidifier,

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