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Shaman Shack Herbs Inc



Shaman Shack Herbs was incorporated in 2011, by Brynn Booth. Brynn is trained in pre-toaist herbology, has been involved in alternative medicine for over 14 years, and is the CEO of the company.

Shaman Shack Herbs operates in Washington State, next to beautiful Lake Washington. We are a green business that practices responsible environmental policies. 

Since 2011, Shaman Shack Herbs has provided an extensive line of tonic herbal blends, and single herb powdered extracts. Along with longevity protein powders, and superfood miso. 

Today, Shaman Shack Herbs continues to grow in service, to world wide communities. While maintaining our focus on high-quality products, outstanding educational information, and excellent customer service. Toaist herbology, and other eastern medicine systems in the West, are just starting to break the surface. And there are so many people that can benefit from its wisdom. 



Photo by Sheldon Cober 

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